LITTLE ARMENIA – More than $1.2 million was raised during the “Save a Life” telethon on Sunday organized by the SARF–the Syrian-Armenian Relief Fund.

The telethon kicked off at 2 p,n. Pacific time and during the course of the six-hour broadcast, community and civic leaders, organizations, schools and other institutions made appeals for assistance for Armenians in the war-torn Syria.

The program, which was originating from Horizon Television studios in Little Armenia, was broadcast nationwide on Horizon Armenian Television, US Armenia and ARTN.

The telethon, which was being planned for several months now, featured segments highlighting the plight of the Syrian-Armenian community, how SARF’s efforts have translated into tangible assistance throughout the years and the impact this support has had on the daily lives of the community there.

SARF, which is a collaboration between leading community organizations and religious denominations has been on the forefront of raising awareness and much-needed finances for the besieged Armenian community is Syria.

Asbarez will have extended coverage of the telethon in its upcoming editions.