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June 2013


HyeAID2 Continues To Show The Southland’s Determination to Help Syrian Armenians – SARF Will Transfer Another $150,000

Hollywood, CA - The Dolby Theatre has now been imprinted in the Armenian psyche as yet another location for showing the determination of southern Californians’ that they still care for the survival of the Armenians in Syria. Nearly 3,000 supporters, 300 dancers, entertainers from Armenia and the southland and 56 sponsors came together to raise funds for the Syrian Armenian Relief Fund (SARF) with the HyeAID2 concert on June 9, 2013. Since October 2012, SARF has transferred $500,000 to Syrian Armenians. Following a SARF Executive Committee (EC) meeting after the concert, Zaven Khanjian, the Chairperson of the SARF EC, reported that the next transfer would be for $150,000. A thank you letter from the Syrian Armenian Committee for Urgent Relief…
June 17, 2013